Top Hat On Fleek


  1. Halo (feat. LaVance Colley)
  2. Hey There Delilah (feat. Joey Cook)
  3. Hey Ya! (feat. Sara Niemietz)
  4. Give It Away (feat. Aubrey Logan)
  5. Thong Song (feat. Blake Lewis)
  6. Viva La Vida (feat. Puddles Pity Party)
  7. Sugar, We're Going Down (feat. Joey Cook)
  8. Welcome to the Jungle (feat. Daniela Andrade)
  9. Umbrella (feat. Casey Abrams & The Sole Sisters)
  10. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) [feat. Ariana Savalas]
  11. Someday (feat. Cristina Gatti)
  12. Say My Name (feat. Joey Cook)
  13. Where Are U Now (feat. Mykal Kilgore)
  14. Mad World (feat. Puddles Pity Party & Haley Reinhart)


Released just prior to the group's 2015 North American tour, "Top Hat On Fleek" eschews current chart toppers for songs that will be especially nostalgic to Millenials.  "Thong Song" and Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Going Down" receive the brassy, '40s swing treatment, while "Halo," "Hey Ya!," and "Say My Name" connect '90s R&B to its Motown ancestry.  Joey Cook, fresh from her appearance on American Idol that name checked Postmodern Jukebox live on prime time television,contributes her unique style and multi-instrumental abilities to the mix, and Sara Niemietz establishes herself as one of PMJ's most exciting new vocalists with her vocal on "Hey Ya!".


Must-Have Tracks: LaVance Colley's vocal on "Halo" is a masterpiece; the psychedelic '60s Austin Powers take on "Give It Away" shows more brilliance from Aubrey Logan; the classic folk song remake of "Hey There Delilah" evokes Bradlee's work on Bioshock Infinite.

Type: Music

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