Squad Goals


  1. MMMbop (feat. Kenton Chen, Luke Edgemon, Matt Bloyd & Mario Jose)
  2. Toxic (feat. Melinda Doolittle)
  3. Dancing In the Dark (feat. Von Smith)
  4. Black Hole Sun (feat. Haley Reinhart)
  5. You Give Love a Bad Name (feat. Jennie Lena)
  6. Roxanne (feat. Dani Armstrong)
  7. Never Forget You (feat. Addie Hamilton)
  8. All of Me (feat. Brielle Von Hugel)
  9. Juicy (feat. Maiya Sykes)
  10. Dream On (feat. Morgan James)
  11. My Heart Will Go On (feat. Aubrey Logan)
  12. Stressed Out (feat. Puddles Pity Party)
  13. Heart of Glass (feat. Addie Hamilton)
  14. Can't Stop the Feeling (feat. Aubrey Logan)


The tenth Postmodern Jukebox album, "Squad Goals" lives up to its hashtag-able name by bringing together some of the most extraordinary vocal talent ever assembled by PMJ. Morgan James, Haley Reinhart, and newcomers Melinda Doolittle and Jennie Lena give knockout vocal performances on some very iconic material, with lush orchestration by Bradlee. Maiya Sykes turns Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy" into a lyrical jazz tour de force, and the doo wop version of Hanson's "MMMBop" is so catchy that you may find yourself replaying it again and again.


Must-Have Tracks: "Dream On", "Toxic", and "Black Hole Sun" are the smash hits. "MMMBop" and "Dancing in the Dark" are guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Type: Music

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