PMJ and Chill


  1. Sorry (feat. Shoshana Bean)
  2. Bye Bye Bye (feat. Tara Louise)
  3. Ex’s and Oh’s (feat. Lisa Gary)
  4. Here (feat. Aubrey Logan)
  5. I’m Not The Only One (feat. Maiya Sykes)
  6. Hotline Bling (feat. Cristina Gatti)
  7. Ignition (Remix) (feat. Rayvon Owen)
  8. Love Yourself (feat.Sara Niemietz)
  9. Hello (feat. Maiya Sykes)
  10. Just Like Heaven (feat. Natalie Angst)
  11. Focus (feat. LaVance Coiley)
  12. Thinking Out Loud (feat. Holly Campbell-Smith)
  13. Heroes (feat. Nicole Atkins)


The aptly named "PMJ and Chill" sees Bradlee and his collective return again to the challenge of reimagining the most current pop hits by Justin Bieber, Drake, and Ariana Grande as vintage recordings from the Golden Age of music. "Sorry" - the leadoff track with Shoshana Bean - kicks things off with a bang, infusing the Bieber hit with the energy of Martha and the Vandella's "Heatwave", and the energy continues with the Quentin Tarantino / Dick Dale remake of N*SYNC's breakup song, "Bye Bye Bye". Ballads like The Cure "Just Like Heaven", sung by newcomer Natalie Angst, and Nicole Atkins' powerful take on "Heroes" allow the listener to truly appreciate the lyrics and sweeping melodies of both compositions, while the complete restructuring of Bieber's "Love Yourself" into a '20s New Orleans jazz stomper make the listener question everything they know about musical genres.


Must-Have Tracks: "Sorry" and "Love Yourself" will make you happy; "Heroes" will make you cry.

Type: Music

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